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Seven Reasons to Outsource your Archive Storage

Written by on 18 December 2013

When businesses are confronted with challenges relating to document management, many tend to operate reactively by finding solutions to problems as and when they arise. However, this is one of reasons why sensitive documentation is frequently not dealt with appropriately, and even lost.

Without professional archive document storage services, companies often become exposed to security risks and additional costs that could have been avoided if they used a professional archive storage provider.

Reasons to outsource your archive document storage

Without professional archive services, companies often become exposed to security risks and additional costs that could have been avoided if they used a professional archive storage provider.

Outsourcing the storage of your archive documentation is a simple and financially sensible solution that more and more businesses are utilising, and here are a few reasons why.

The right choice for any size of business

Investing in, purchasing, setting up and operating a professional document storage system in-house can be a significant investment financially. The extra costs incurred by businesses who store their own documents aren’t just for the equipment and square footage in the office, but also in terms of staff hours.

A document management system which is provided by a professional archive storage company offers a service where the cost is based on usage, so you are only paying for what you need to store.

Using an archive document storage company can help businesses stay in compliance with the latest legal requirements for document storage and retention, saving you time and money.

Tame the paper mountain with an expert

The paperless office still hasn’t arrived. The volume of documents produced by even small businesses is huge, and can create many problems with storage as well as locating and retrieving information when it is needed. Another potential issue is that employees often misfile documents and don’t dispose of the papers correctly; possibly leaving you open to risk. Storing your documents at a secure storage facility can help to protect your business, employees, and clients.

Don't wait until you’re desperate

Never has planning in advance been as important as when your company is considering document storage and management. It has been estimated that a typical large business with 1000 employees wastes is excess of £2 million a year in time and lost revenue looking for information that is non-existent, can’t be found or has been destroyed.

You can have your documents stored securely with a professional archive document storage company quickly. By delaying the decision, you’ll only have more paperwork in the office, and delay a document management plan – which can lead to costly mistakes.

Limit your risk with document tracking

The risks to your business are greatly minimised by having a trusted chain of custody in place for all your documents. Physical storage in your office can mean that your documents are moved from one place to another, and nobody knows where the documents are at any moment in time. There are simply too many people with access to your documents using this method.

A single source providing document management reduces the risks involved with document movement. With a professional archive document storage company, your documents are scanned, taken to the storage facility and placed into storage – with each movement of the documents scanned. Any documents you need are tracked both in and out of the storage facility, as well as when they’re delivered and picked up at your office. Many companies have tracking software, where you can log in via a website and see and who requested access, and the location of the files or boxes.

Saves you money

Outsourcing the storage of your documents and archives will save you a lot of money in the long term. For example, if you have your own physical storage unit you will have to pay your staff to move boxes back and forth, taking them away from their desks and increasing the risk of health and safety issues, along with the possibility of lost documents. You’ll save on the cost of the square footage to store the documents and employee time.

Online tools for easy access

We live in a world where we expect to find every bit of information we need in just a few clicks, so it stands to reason that we want quick access to all our archived documentation.

Online ordering will see your documents retrieved and delivered to your desk by a vetted employee of the archive storage provider – all you have to do is request a delivery or pickup of the documents via a website. You can also control who has access to these records, limiting your security exposure. In some cases, when time is of the essence, files can be scanned and faxed or emailed to you.

Always know where your documents are

When a box comes in to a secure storage facility it is assigned a unique bar code which is then scanned. When you request a box it is again scanned and put on the van for delivery, to be scanned again once it is delivered.

With a file it the same process applies, but individual files are generally not bar coded upon arrival at an archive storage facility. If you request a specific file from a box, that file is then bar coded and its individual movements are then tracked. It, too, is scanned when leaving the box, leaving the facility and upon delivery.

All items – boxes and files alike - returned to archive storage are scanned at each stage on pick up and return to its box or shelf in the facility.

Reflect your best business practices through your storage choices

Even with the best of intentions, few businesses have the expertise or resources to create and continually update and overhaul their own in-house storage solution. By using a professional archive storage company you are sending out the message to your employees and clients that you take your responsibilities for data protection and retention seriously, and are employing the best possible practices to ensure that their details are kept as secure as possible.

Outsourcing your document storage solutions not only saves you time, hassle and headaches but it also offers you the most secure way to retain and store sensitive information. Having someone to do all this for you frees up the time of you and your employees to do what you need to - run your business.