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How a Shredding Service Saves your Business Time and Money

Written by on 23 January 2014

The economy is still tight, and most businesses are naturally looking for ways to save money. One way some businesses think they can save on costs is to do their own shredding. Unfortunately, this is almost always a false economy and ends up costing the business more than outsourcing their document shredding.

The potential costs to your business if you don’t properly dispose of confidential material are immense. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) can fine your business up to £500,000 for each breach of the Data Protection Act (unlimited if you’re an FSA regulated company). This doesn’t even take into account the damage your company’s reputation could suffer as a result. Read more...

How a secure shredding service can save your business money

Avoid Corporate Identity Theft

Written by on 6 January 2014

When we think of identity theft, we usually think of someone stealing our credit card or other personal details online. Although identity theft is one of the biggest crimes of our time, businesses often don't realise that they, too, can become victims. Sadly, thousands of companies across the globe are suffering from the effects of criminals stealing the identity of the business itself, and even their staff. The latest estimates show this crime is costing the global economy hundreds of millions, at a time when it can least afford such losses. Read more...

Avoid corporate identity theft & fraud

Seven Reasons to Outsource your Archive Storage

Written by on 18 December 2013

When businesses are confronted with challenges relating to document management, many tend to operate reactively by finding solutions to problems as and when they arise. However, this is one of reasons why sensitive documentation is frequently not dealt with appropriately, and even lost.

Without professional archive document storage services, companies often become exposed to security risks and additional costs that could have been avoided if they used a professional archive storage provider. Read more...

Reasons to outsource your archive document storage