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Shredding for schools and universities

Schools, academies, and universities create a lot of confidential waste throughout the year. You're entrusted with the education of the leaders of the future, and we know you take protecting their data very seriously. Securely storing their data and then disposing of confidential documents takes preparation and planning.

During school breaks and when the academic year ending is the perfect time to dispose securely of sensitive information that is stored but no longer needs to be kept. By taking advantage of the period when students aren't in attendance, the secure documents can easily be moved out of your school, college or university and straight to secure destruction.

How you dispose of your confidential docments is up to you. You can load your own bin bags or boxes with the confidential waste to be shredded, or you can use our bags. You also don't need to remove cardboard folders, binders, clips, or staples - they're removed by the machines as a part of the shredding process.

We will pick up your documents to be destroyed and transport them for shredding for a small fee, or if you prefer you can bring your documents to be shredded to our warehouse located in Trafford Park, near the M60 and the Trafford Centre. The choice is yours.

Certificate of Destruction for your shredded documents

Our secure shredding is offered at prices that represent value for money but we never skimp on security or service. A certificate of destruction for all documents shredded with us is provided, helping you to show the paper trail of the final disposal of confidential documents.

Save money with our document shredding service

When you shred your documents with BCL Archive & Shredding Services, you only pay for what you shred. We don't have a minimum amount you need to shred or a minimum charge for shredding. We think it is good value for money - and believe you will, too!

Affordable solutions for secure shredding - how can we help?

Contact us or call us at 0161 888 3398 for more information on our affordable secure on-demand shredding service in Greater Manchester

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