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Document Storage & Shredding Manchester

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A scheduled collection of onfidential waste securely shredded & mixed, ready for recycling

Secure Scheduled Document Shredding in Manchester

Did you know that you can achieve nearly a 20% productivity savings by having your documents shredded by us, rather than your employees performing the task in house? When you use an in-office shredding machine, your staff need to first separate all the paper, removing all staples and clips, before they even approach the shredding machine, where they'll stand and feed the documents only as fast as the machine will let them. What takes your employees hours to complete takes us minutes.

You don't need to lose out on productive time in the office

With our scheduled shredding service, a lockable console is placed in your office. The documents - staples and clips included - are put into the console, leaving your employees to get on with their work. On a schedule that we create with you, we'll come to your office and collect your secure waste for disposal.

Your documents will be taken to a secure facility where they'll be shredded and mixed with other documents, so they can't be reassembled. The confidential waste is then recycled, and is usually back on the shelf in the supermarket as recycled kitchen or toilet roll in a matter of weeks.

Once your documents have been shredded, we'll issue you a certificate of destruction, allowing you to stay compliant with regulations concerning the destruction of documents.

Affordable solutions for scheduled document shredding

Contact us or call us at 0161 888 3398 for more information on our affordable secure scheduled shredding service in Greater Manchester.