Secure Document Archive Storage in Greater Manchester

Every business has a need for archive storage. Some professions, such as lawyers, accountants, financial planners, architects and medical professionals have a large number of documents they are required to store for a specific length of time.

Others, such as small to medium sized businesses, may only need to store a small number of important documents which they're required to keep safe for a period of time. Our archive storage services are bespoke for each client, and can accommodate storage requests both large and small (even just a couple of boxes).

Why choose offsite archive storage?

Simply put, you'll save money. Your expensive office space can be used for your business, rather than a place to keep dusty boxes. You don't need to worry about costly health and safety issues related to people moving and lifting awkward boxes.

You'll reduce operational costs, as your staff will only need to request the box or files they need - no more hunting through box after box to find the right file, helping your business not only save money, but time.

A clear audit trail of your documents

When you store your documents with us, every box is assigned a bar code, and that box is placed on a shelf in our archive storage warehouse that is also bar coded. Whenever your box is moved for whatever reason, it is tracked with our industry-leading O'Neil barcode software and can be traced to the last point of handling. If you need a specific file from a box, that file will also be bar coded and tracked and when it is returned to us, it will be placed in the box it came from and checked in.

With our O'Neil barcode software, you can log in and check the status of any box or barcoded file, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Records management

We provide a records management service to help you keep compliant with data protection and retention regulations, ensuring you destroy the documents you no longer need or to want to store on a regular basis.

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Quick delivery to your door

When you request documents, we'll normally deliver them to you the next day, unless you request same day service. We can also scan files and fax or email them to you directly, on request. If you prefer, you can pick up the documents yourself at our convenient Trafford Park, Manchester warehouse (right next to the M60), the choice is yours.

If you choose to have your documents delivered, you'll normally have the same driver every time.

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